PAGE ONE: The Desert. The place we ended up after the Garden. The thing is we don't want to just hallucinate that we're back in paradise, we really want to GET THERE. And that requires a GUIDE, a guide who LOVES us more than we could grasp.
Can't imagine the longing for hte Gates of the Eden Garden? Then check the video on the Gate of Lampedusa: The so called gate of paradise. This is where the famous Leopoard of Lampedusa story was set.
Why would you need a guide at all? Isn't the book enough, if you need to check something? Isn't reality enough of a sign? Why does the book and the university for that matter have to point to some supernatural reality?
There are so many examples in the story of Christianity, from the Israelites getting lost in the desert, even wtih Moses--and Aaron--to guide them. Of course they were terrified by the fire and brimstone of the volcanic voice of god from the mountain--we always get uneasy around God when we know we didn't listen to him. God sent an angel. God sent an angel to Elijah during the forty days in the desert to give him bread and water and he also sent them to Jesus after he fought the enemy. The bensonhurst bugattis took on a mind of their own, and instead of dud driving the Bugatti it seemed, the Bugattti was driving Dud...almost as if the Bugatti had hacked the wheel and announced "Im the captain now." In other words, reality is "too much" without some kind of help.
PAGE TWO: we see the Angel of Hope, painted by Klee when terminally ill.
Is hope a good idea? So here we are on the pilgrimage of life, and Suppose the guide doesn't show up? Suppose there IS no guide? Suppose we just imagined or dreamed the whole thing into existence? The hysterical yet tragic story of what happens to Didi and Gogo while Waiting for God(ot) is a good way to look at that question and how we go from existentialism (why are we here) to nihilism (no reason) to postmodernism (who cares?) (spoiler: God never shows up, though a shepherd boy comes and says God sent on to say he might come tomorrow. ) (The Bensonhurst Bugatti solution is more like what Chaucer did: Life is a long, tiring pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral and we pass the time and avoid fatigue, boredom, uncertainty and despair by telling funny stories to each other. )

The human intermediary. sometimes Der heilige engel kommen der himmel, he's too perfect, nein kenst der woe and greif der mensch, also how can we relate to angels if they don't eat? Seriously. so der "gemmy" kommen fur helfen. Der gemmy machen der musiches fur der harmoniesche mit der Gott. the intermediary may appear unexpectedly but is sure to understand the human condition.
But you have to watch out because der engel mit der "evil agenda" bin GELOSO of the GIARDINO Furthermore, the ANGEL GUIDE may help you avoid the GANGSTA LIEN, which many white collar businessmen end up with. HI JEMMY LOL HI L!!