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This page is intended as an introduction to the study of law and the emerging concept of virtual nation states.
While nothing on this page is legally binding, you can trust the University's Law Professors, probably among the poorest and most honest in the world. (think honest Abe lincoln).
In keeping with our educational philosophy, the law is approached as a phenomenon, rather than a set of abstract theories.
The formation of the company itself was a legal effort in many ways.
Please see Berman's Introduction page --27?? paragraph 1 for the explanation of English Charitable and/or Corporate Trust Law.
This is the legal basis of companies such as THE VALANGA DI VITA which have their origin in human desire for cooperation.

Christ said, I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.
He also said that to love God and your neighbor is "the law and the prophets".
He also said, I have not come to judge the world but to save it.
He also said, woe unto you lawyers and you doctors of the law.
Oddly, he was executed according to the law.

Below we see the bail order of a salvadoran refugee who was being threatened because he worked with churches against the pandillas.
This refugee fleeing probable execution who was bonded with this document, was instrumental in the saving of many lives, not just his own.
He assisted the University in opening a bank account while himself serving as a shield for victims of domestic violence.
The real danger in our world is violence and hatred no matter where it is found.
The uncomfortable reality is that things might have gone very differently than they did for him, and consequently for us.
Because, law and truth are often not consistent with each other, as the trials and truth course tries to show